Tiger Talk – 3 July 2015   Recently updated !

    It was back to the TCA on Saturday with magnificent weather and mixed results on the football front. The Reserves were in sensational form and showed some teamwork that hasn’t been seen before. Shaun Gray, Bryce Apted and Cody Mryzk were amongst a real leadership group that enabled us to not only win […]

Gold Tiger Head3

Round 10 v Dodges Ferry   Recently updated !

Reserves 20 L. Allie, 25 M. Amos, 28 B. Apted, 21 R. Barrow, 47 D. Bennett, 41 M. Collis, 40 S. Czislowski, 51 B. Davies, I. Godfrey, 4 S. Gray, 50 J. Hart, 44 J. Hill, 46 D. Mckenzie, 42 C. Mrzyk, 37 M. Nicholls, 19 T. Pybus, 27 M. Webb, 36 T. Webb, 1 C. Wittison, 16 D. Woodcock, 33 J. Young, 45 J. Young

Dodges Ferry

Out in The Cold

I need you.  The Hobart Football Club needs you. Your friends need you but most of all some of our friends and neighbours need all of us. The time of the year is here when we snuggle up on the cold mornings and wish we didn’t have to part with our blankets.  There are others […]