Round 4 v Huonville Preview

V Reserves Team: 20 L. Allie, M. Amos, 21 R. Barrow, 47 D. Bennett, 28 J. Berry, 49 J. Brown, N. Browning, 31 T. Butler, 43 J. Butterworth, C. Claridge, 41 M. Collis, 51 B. Davies, I. Godfrey, 54 T. Godfrey, J. Hart, D. McDonald, 46 D. Mckenzie, 3 B. Rosendale, D. Strong, 32 C. Thongnoppakun, 16 D. Woodcock, 26 M. Woods, 33 J. Young, 36 J. Young.  


Round 3 v New Norfolk Preview   Recently updated !

Reserves (12.15pm Start – Boyer) 20 L. Allie47 D. Bennett28 J. Berry49 J. BrownN. BrowningC. Claridge41 M. CollisS. Czislowski51 B. DaviesT. DaviesI. GodfreyT. Godfrey52 D. McDonald46 D. Mckenzie37 M. Nicholls17 W. Perry3 B. RosendaleD. Strong32 C. Thongnoppakun16 D. Woodcock26 M. Woods33 J. Young36 J. Young Night at The Dogs

New Norfolk

Round 2 v Brighton – Preview   Recently updated !

Round 2 v Brighton (at TCA): Note the different start times – SENIORS 3.30pm – RESERVES 1.30pm Reserves Team: 20 L. Allie, 25 M. Amos, 21 R. Barrow, 47 D. Bennett, 49 J. Brown, 31 T. Butler, 43 J. Butterworth, 41 M. Collis, 51 B. Davies, T. Davies, I. Godfrey, T. Godfrey, 50 J. Hart, 29 A. Henderson, 24 T. Langdale, 46 D. Mckenzie, 37 M. Nicholls, 3 B. Rosendale, 32 C. Thongnoppakun, 27 […]


2015 Auskick Starts Next Week

The Hobart Junior Football Club is offering two Auskick centres in 2015. Commencing this week! The First Centre commences on Monday 20th April from 5 – 6 pm at The TCA Ground on The Domain. The second centre commences on Wednesday 22nd April from 3.45 – 4.45 pm at Campbell Street Primary School Oval. Cost is […]


Tiger Talk – 9 April 2015

What’s new? Well this week has been a great one with lots of hype and a few changes. The players and coaching staff have come alive with excitement as they prepare for our first game against Dodges Ferry this Saturday. Shark Park is the venue and we are hoping for a large supportive cheering group as […]