Best & Fairest 2019

2019 Best & Fairest Awards Night Winners

Congratulations to the following Award Winners from the recent HFC Best & Fairest Night. Thanks to all who attended or organised the fantastic night!


Winner Bailey Medal (Senior B&F): Gerrard Lynd

Runner Up: Liam Azzopardi

Coaches Award: Jack Daly

Best First Year Player: Jake Barrett


Winner HFCW Medal: Fiona Langford

Runner Up: Molly Browning

Coaches Award: Kate Barker

Most Inspiring New Player: Tamika Shingler

Most Improved: Annie Wong


Macalburn Medal (Reserves B&F): James Slade

Runner Up: Justin Harvey

Coaches Award: Jack Daly

Most Improved: Chris Thongnoppakun

Under 19s:

Aaron Hall Medal (U19 B&F): Bailey Murray

Runner Up: Brock Daniels

Coaches Award: Thomas Beswick

Best First Year Player: Doug McEvoy

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Round 14 – Seniors v Claremont

Hobart 1.10-16 4.13-37 5.20-50 7.22-64
Claremont 5.1-31 6.5-41 10.8-68 15.12-102


Goal Kickers: T. Etchell 4, G. Lynd, J. Barrett, D. Huxley
Best Players: N. Barker, T. Etchell, A. Evans, G. Lynd, C. Stone, W. Stadler


Goal Kickers: M. Badcock 3, R. Martin 3, J. Crossin 3, M. Walker 2, L. Potter, K. Murtagh-Rogers, D. Hassett, M. Allison
Best Players: M. Allison, D. Hassett, L. Green, J. Crossin, M. Walker, T. Williams-Wheeler

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