THE DEN IS CLOSED THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (Snr/Res. training at St Virgils) From the Membership Director – Aiming High (Target 350) For those who aren’t familiar with me I’m Joshua Munting and this year I’ve come on board as director for membership and communication. I’m on the youthful side but […]

Tiger Talk

It’s almost over our 2016 season is complete on field and most of the celebrations are over.  Monday night saw the William Leitch medal count and the event was a credit to the SFL.  The Hobart players didn’t let us down with Luke Sullivan finishing sixth in the Senior count, […]

Tiger Talk – 26 September ...

Join us in celebrating all players from Risdon Vale and Lindisfarne areas who have represented the “Tigers” and the “Two Blues” in the field of battle over the years forming a rich history and mutual respect between these two great football. From 11.45am to 2pm an “On the Couch” session […]

Eastern Shore Reunion – Hobart ...

Match Report: Well someone said let’s take some real football to the country and boy did that happen on Saturday. The trip to Kermandie was well worth the effort and quite a crowd turned out to witness an excellent game. The ground was in good shape but some relics exist, […]

Tiger Talk – 11 May ...

We hope all our players and supporters are making the most of their bye week! Last week saw another wonderful Saturday and the men from Dodges Ferry really came to the TCA full of confidence and raring to go. The under 18’s was a real learning game for our boys, […]

Tiger Talk – 22 April ...

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re a past reserves player, a senior player, a 50 year member or even just someone who follows Hobart from a distance we need you on board in 2016. Following two seasons in the Southern Football League the club has established a solid foundation, […]

Hobart Football Club – 2016. ...

NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE HOBART FOOTBALL CLUB INC Notice is hereby given to all members of the Hobart Football Club that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 4th of December at the TCA in the Den commencing at 6.30pm to conduct the following […]

2015 Annual General Meeting Notice

Footy Wrap The road to Huonville was great, warm, sunny and a pleasant drive.  The return trip was a long one with our tails between our legs after two significant losses. Seniors  Huonville 20.22  142  Hobart  5.9  39 Goalkickers  C Leek, C Kent, D Jetson, J McGee, S Reeves Best […]

Tiger Talk – 31 July ...

The President and Board of Management of the Hobart Football Club Inc. Invite You & Your Guests to join us at lt’s PROM NIGHT at the Hobart Football Club Saturday 8th August 2015 7.00 for 7.30pm ‘The Den’ TCA Ground Catered Event including your 1st Drink FREE! Cost: $50.00 per […]

It’s Prom Night

  Reserves 11 A. Addicoat, 20 L. Allie, 21 R. Barrow, 47 D. Bennett, 31 T. Butler, 41 M. Collis, 51 B. Davies, 50 J. Hart, 29 A. Henderson, 44 J. Hill, A. Holzinger, 52 D. McDonald, 6 J. McGee, 46 D. Mckenzie, 42 C. Mrzyk, 37 M. Nicholls, 19 T. Pybus, 27 M. Webb, C. Wittison, 16 D. Woodcock, 33 J. Young, 45 J. Young

Round 9 v East Coast