This Week

This round sees us taking on Huonville at home in all four grades – so firstly good luck to all our Tiger sides. Last week was an interesting day with the Under 19s kicking off the day with a big win over New Norfolk. Hobart managed to share the workload with seven individual goal kickers led by Kieren Wright with five. Best players were B. Daniels, J. Pearce, T. Raspin, T. Gamble, K. Wright, H. Reinbach. A pretty strong effort from a side who only had 15 players available on the day, with the 70 point victory moving the Tiger Cubs into third by two games.

The Reserves clash with New Norfolk shaped up as an important one for our finals aspirations and the lads didn’t disappoint. The Tigers were energetic early and kicked away to a 2 goal lead at quarter time. With a fair period of Hobart on top the boys were able to hold off New Norfolk and slow the game up each time they got on top. A 5 goal kin was a good result. A few noteable mentions for the Tigers were Josh Webster who kicked four, with Justin Harvey providing a solid target up forward.

Finally for the day. The Senior game, a disappointing start for the Tigers in the first half meant the guys weren’t really in the hunt. Beaten on the scoreboard and physically, Hobart lifted and showed some important fight. Some great efforts of individual courage led to us having half a bench, but despite this we held New Norfolk somewhat going down 4 goals to 1 for the second half. This would have been an easy time to give up and the fight showed especially from the younger players was great to see. Great to see Alex Beswick back in the Seniors and Chris Thongnoppakun looked at home back in the Seniors (a few years after his debut).

The Women didn’t play until Sunday, and they showed some real signs of improvement. It was the first time the women have played against Kingborough since they joined the competition early in the season. With our girls being more than competitive. Some good signs now, ahead of the SFLW competition being split into two groups based on ladder position. The girls showed signs that they can keep on improving and manage a few more wins. The Tigers best were M.Browning, F.Langford, M.Batchelor, A.McHenry, A.Browning and K.Smith.

Importantly the club has a number of functions coming up which I’d urge you all to support. This includes the Black & Gold Ball the club’s night of nights and of course the all-important 100 club.

Detailed Results:

SFL Seniors: Round 11 (Boyer) – 29 June.
New Norfolk: 6.1, 11.5, 12.10, 15.15 (105)
Hobart: 3.0, 3.0, 3.0, 4.2 (26)
Goals: T.Lewinski (1), D.Huxley (1), B.Goninon (1), M.Cripps (1).
Best: G.Lynd, J.Barrett, W.Stadler, B.Lockley, C.Thongnoppakun, Z.Awde.
Ladder: DF (32), LF (28), NN (24), HV (20), CY (16) | CM (8), SO (8), HB (0).

SFL Reserves: Round 11 (Boyer) – 29 June.
Hobart: 2.2, 6.2, 7.3, 10.6 (66)
New Norfolk: 0.2, 2.3, 4.4, 5.5 (35)
Goals: J.Webster (4), J.Baker (1), J.Harvey (1), T.Cosgrove (1), Z.Lucas (1), J.McGee (1), J.Rogerson (1).
Best: D.Robottom, S.Gray, J.Harvey, A.Bidgood, M.Bird, J.McGee.
Ladder: LF (36), DF (36), HV (32), BR (24), HB (20) | CM (12), NN (12), SO (4), CY (0).

SFL Colts: Round 12 (Boyer) – 29 June.
Hobart: 2.2, 6.4, 8.9, 14.11 (95)
New Norfolk: 1.2, 1.6, 1.6, 3.7 (25)
Goals: K.Wright (5), T.Raspin (3), T.Styles (2), K.Buck (1), J.Mcdonald (1), J.Pearce (1), D.Mcevoy (1).
Best: B.Daniels, J.Pearce, T.Raspin, T.Gamble, K.Wright, H.Reinbach.
Ladder: LF (44), SS (36), HB (28), SO (16), DF (12) | NN (4), HV (4).

SFL Womens: Round 11 (TCA) – 30 June.
Kingborough: 2.4, 3.5, 5.11, 6.12 (48)
Hobart: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0 (6)
Goals: F.Langford (1).
Best: M.Browning, F.Langford, M.Batchelor, A.Mchenry, A.Browning, K.Smith.
Ladder: BR (40), LF (32), CM (28), UN (28), NH (20) | SES (18), HV (18), PO (16), KB (16), HB (4), NN (0).

This Week’s Matches: Saturday, 6 July.

Womens: Hobart v Huonville Lions – 10:15am (TCA)
Reserves: Hobart v Huonville Lions – 12pm (TCA)
Seniors: Hobart v Huonville Lions – 2pm (TCA)
Colts: Hobart v Huonville Lions – 4:30pm (TCA)

Upcoming Events (flyers below):

July 20 – Ladies Luncheon
July 20 – John X – Legends of Revue Rides Again!
August 10 – Black and Gold Ball
August 17 – 100 Club

As you can see above the club has plenty happening in the next few weeks, we really need you to support your club and get along in numbers! Ladies, please see details below to RSVP for our annual ladies day. We are expecting a strong turnout for this one.