From the President’s Desk

We’re back!!!!!

Yesterday (Tuesday 30/06) you may have noticed that the SFL has released its men’s roster for the 2020 season. Obviously, a lot shorter than normal but a season, nevertheless. This roster sees our first game against the reigning premiers in Lindisfarne at the TCA on the 25th July. Check out the full HFC Men’s Roster here (times TBC). The SFLW roster will be out early next week and our women’s side should kick off the week before on the 18th of July. Unfortunately, due to lack of numbers the club won’t be fielding an Under 19 side. This is disappointing but we are already  working tirelessly to field one next year.

The 2020 season will be four Home games, four Away games and a bye. I can tell you I am really looking forward to seeing the guys and girls run out and play footy FINALLY.

I have said in a few of my updates that this is an interesting situation we face, and it will only get more interesting as we get closer to the day. The club will follow the guidelines set out by the SFL, AFL Tasmania and the State government with restrictions and social distancing rules and when we get to the TCA ground your co-operation with adhering to whatever these guidelines are will be appreciated.

So, what’s been happening? Well the players have been back training for the last few weeks and have slowly been increasing in tempo after starting in groups of 10 and then 20 and now with contact allowed, they are really into a mini pre-season. I want to thank the players and coaching staff for their enthusiasm since being back together as a group and I am happy that after a long time of doubt about getting a season in no one has drifted away and decided not to play (to my knowledge anyway). It is definitely a hard time to get yourself motivated coming into the cold months and we are only just starting.

I really believe that when the guys run out onto the TCA Ground in July to play Lindisfarne you are going to see a completely different side, in fact I know you are, there are new names, new numbers and pretty much a whole new feel about the playing side. You as a supporter, member will be proud of the work the players and coaches have put in and I know it will pay off even in this shortened season.

Behind the scenes the work has never stopped. The board have been extremely busy in keeping things going and even though we haven’t been playing we have still had to run the club. This year, unlike previous years we have an independent person who has been sourcing and writing applications for grants for us and this has proved successful in the last few months as we have been gaining grants that we would have missed before. This has helped us no end in keeping on top of the financial side of things. I want to thank the board for their diligence and hard work during this time. We have become pretty expert at Zoom meetings, and I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the meetings were. I am confident that we have the board to keep us going into the future to set the club up and keep it on the road to success in the near future. So, a massive thanks to the board for all your work during and after the COVID-19 “down time”.

As we move into a shortened season we are unable to offer the variety of functions that we normally would in a typical season but over the next few weeks will have a calendar of events for the season and we would love to see you all there at them all or just one, whatever you can do to help the club out. You will notice Tiger Lotto is well and truly underway (I haven’t won yet) and this will be a great thing on a Thursday night during the season to get everyone up to the TCA after training for the draw. Please get involved where and when you can.

Speaking of getting involved, if you have ever thought you might like to help out and volunteer in some capacity then please get in touch with anyone of the board members and we can certainly help you out.



Tiger Lotto

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the club and make Tiger Lotto possible. Thanks to everyone who’s signed up so far.

If you haven’t yet there are still numbers left – for $10 a week you can be in our weekly $400 cash draw (1 in 100 chance of winning).

Signup at Congrats also to our most recent winner Grant Butters.


As the season 2020 begins to look more likely to occur we’d encourage those who haven’t already to support the club and get your membership.

Head to or give Josh a call on 0458 015 332

Toyota Good for Footy Raffle

We know that Toyota is a great sponsor of footy, in addition to Co-Op Toyota being a valued sponsor of the club we’re taking part in the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle! Tickets are $5ea, with three cars to be given away and heaps of other prizes. Support your footy club and grab a few 🏈🐯🚗

Tickets are on sale here.