Hi all – due to the uncertainty surrounding the current Melbourne lockdown the Hobart Football Club in consultation with Matthew Richardson have decided to delay the Sportsman’s Night which was scheduled for this Friday 19 February.
Richo is extremely keen to come down and support our Football Club, so for this reason we have postponed to the new date of Friday 23 April. We thank our members, supporters, as well as Richmond/AFL fans for their strong support of the event so far.
To make it easier for those wishing to attend – tickets which have already been purchased will automatically carry over to this new date, however if anyone requires a refund for the new date please contact the Club on 0458 015 332 or by email to admin@hobartfc.com.au
We anticipate that tickets will be hotly sought for the new date, and encourage those interested to purchase them at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/136515628921/
As always, thanks for supporting the Hobart Football Club