We’ve got far too much to cover this week, so we’ll carry over some content for next week.

The Tigers have a huge game this weekend taking on the New Norfolk Eagles at Boyer Oval, with both sides desperate for a win to try and cement finals chances. Hope to see you there to support your Hobart Tigers

This week’s games:

  • Under 19s – 10am v New Norfolk at Boyer Oval
  • Reserves – 12pm v New Norfolk at Boyer Oval
  • Seniors – 2pm v New Norfolk at Boyer Oval
  • Masters (SUN) – v Lindisfarne Two Blues at Twin Ovals, Kingston (1.30pm)

Trevor Leo Cup

This week we take on the New Norfolk Eagles for the TREVOR LEO CUP
Trevor Leo had a distinguished career as a player with Hobart coming from Cooee in 1954, and played a lot of football under our most successful coach Mal Pascoe. Trevor started his own coaching career under his pupillage taking on the helm for Macalburn (Hobart’s Under 19s side) in 1958. Trevor left Hobart due to a transfer in his employment as a teacher. He moved to Launceston for the season in 1962 as captain-coach.
Upon his return to the south of the state in 1963, Trevor wanted a senior coaching position and with the incredibly successful Mal Pascoe at the helm for the Tigers he had to look elsewhere for opportunity. Trevor’s words were that Hobart were happy to give him a clearance, largely because of the fact that New Norfolk was languishing towards the bottom of the TFL. He went on to coach New Norfolk’s inaugural TFL Premiership in 1968, before retiring from playing. He continued as a non-playing coach for the 1969 season. After a spell in retirement from coaching he returned to the Tigers to coach for the 1974 season.
An incredible record for a footballer Trevor played in Premierships with Hobart in 1954, 1959, 1960, as well as coaching the New Norfolk premiership in 1968. He won the Hobart Best & Fairest award in 1957 and 1960, taking out the William Leitch medal (TFL B&F) in 1957. He represented Tasmania and extraordinary 18 times as a player.
Trevor played a total of 124 Games with Hobart, with a further 75 at New Norfolk. His time at New Norfolk saw him take the club that finished bottom winning just one game. It was sure to be a challenge, however in his first season he took New Norfolk to second.
Unfortunately for him the Eagles lost the Preliminary Final to his old side Hobart by just one point at North Hobart Oval. Hobart would go on to be the Premiers defeating Sandy Bay the following week. In 1964, the Eagles were minor premiers before losing the Grand Final, and this continued with narrow preliminary finals losses in 1965 and 1966. It wasn’t until 1968 that Leo finally got that elusive TFL Premiership as a coach.
Trevor describes teaching at New Town High School before heading to Boyer Oval to take New Norfolk’s training. The greatest player he coached was Peter Hudson, whom he used to tutor with his maths after training. Peter of course famously went on to play 129 games, kicking 727 goals at Hawthorn. He is an including in the Australian Football Hall of Fame, and both the Hawthorn and Tasmanian Teams of the Century.
I asked Trevor what it was like coming up against his old club Hobart the first time, and he described sharking the tap from Denis Powell at the first bounce and setting up a goal. Apparently he promptly received a ‘blow to the ear’ from Powell who told him not to do that again. The next play he called for a handball from Hobart centre half back Alan Appleton, who hearing the familiar voice call promptly handballed too him.
Trevor has been recognised as a legend of Tasmanian Football and both clubs recognise this by playing for the Trevor Leo Cup once each year.

Records and (Almost) Records

We’ll touch on this in more detail next week, but a club record win for the Seniors, and even more impressively the club’s third best Goal Kicking haul in our history by Young Gun Brock Daniels who bagged a massive 14 goal haul for the club. Just one short of our record, and our biggest for 69 years!

HFC Goalkicking Records:
15.3: Bernie Waldron v Clarence – 30th August 1952 (TCA Ground)
14.5: Bernie Waldron v Clarence – 22nd July 1950 (TCA Ground)
14.2: Brock Daniels v Claremont – 26th June 2021 (TCA Ground)
13.4: Wayne Fox v New Norfolk – 2nd April 1988 (North Hobart Oval)
Dale Hall (twice) and Paul Courto (once) kicked 12 goals in senior matches.



7 August 2021 at the TCA

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Black and Gold Ball

Around the Grounds




Under 19s

Round 11


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Hobart 10.7-67 17.12-114 25.20-170 31.26-212
Claremont 0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.1-7

Goal Kickers: B. Daniels 14, H. Triffett 2, J. Adams 2, B. Lockley 2, W. Dean 2, D. Monks 2, G. Lynd, T. Raspin, A. Arnold, J. Quinn, D. Ayliffe, D. Huxley, J. Webster
Best Players: B. Daniels, L. Adams, A. Arnold, G. Lynd, B. Lockley, J. Pulford


Hobart 5.3-33 8.13-61 17.14-116 22.25-157
Claremont 1.1-7 1.1-7 1.1-7 1.1-7

Goal Kickers: J. Pearce 6, A. Morton 6, A. Kaye 2, M. Cripps 2, S. Quinn, N. Freeman, B. Elmer, N. Howard, M. Van Engen, M. Bird
Best Players: M. Bird, M. Van Engen, M. Cripps, J. Pearce, L. Allie, J. Rogerson

Under 19s

Hobart TIGERS 2.1-13 3.4-22 7.7-49 7.10-52
Huonville Lions 4.0-24 6.5-41 6.5-41 8.7-55

Goal Kickers: A. Donovan 2, C. Blaschke, C. Pearcey, B. Bonnitcha, H. Arkley, J. Smith
Best Players: N. Howard, T. Waddington, L. Andrews, A. Wiggins, J. Smith, H. Arkley

Round 10


Cygnet 2.4-16 5.8-38 10.13-73 11.16-82
Hobart 0.1-1 0.4-4 0.4-4 0.9-9

Best Players: A. Arnold, B. Daniels, L. Adams, G. Lynd, J. Adams, B. Lockley


Cygnet 1.0-6 4.0-24 5.4-34 11.5-71
Hobart 3.3-21 5.4-34 6.4-40 8.4-52

Goal Kickers: A. Henderson 3, S. Quinn 2, N. Woolley, B. Elmer, D. Bell
Best Players: A. Henderson, J. Harvey, N. Freeman, J. Daly, T. Raspin, J. Sullivan

Under 19s

Southern Storm 5.3-33 8.9-57 9.10-64 14.14-98
Hobart TIGERS 2.2-14 2.2-14 3.3-21 3.3-21

Goal Kickers: A. Donovan, A. Murfitt, H. Arkley
Best Players: A. Continenza, T. Waddington, L. Andrews, H. Read, J. Bourke, B. Campbell

Round 9


Brighton 3.2-20 3.2-20 4.6-30 5.8-38
Hobart 2.1-13 5.7-37 6.11-47 12.12-84

Goal Kickers: B. Joseph 4, B. Lockley 3, B. Daniels, D. Huxley, J. Laycock, J. Moore, J. Harris
Best Players: B. Daniels, J. Pulford, B. Lockley, B. Joseph, J. Gridley, D. Ayliffe


Brighton 2.0-12 3.3-21 5.3-33 7.5-47
Hobart 2.3-15 3.5-23 9.6-60 13.6-84

Goal Kickers: A. Morton 3, J. Webster 2, H. Triffett, T. Spriggs, J. Sullivan, J. Dykes, B. Elmer, A. Henderson, M. Van Engen, M. Bird
Best Players: N. Howard, A. Continenza, H. Triffett, J. Harvey, M. Van Engen, J. Daly

Under 19s