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The Time is Now – Game on at Tigerland

Following the Hobart Football Club’s Call to Arms the club has been buoyed by the level of support the club has received from its community over recent days.

HFC President Josh Munting urged those considering playing Football in 2023 that the time is now, “if you want to play footy and support a proud club to continue, we need you on the training track tomorrow (Wednesday night), 6pm at the TCA Ground”.

Training last night saw AFL Legends Mathew Armstrong and Jay Schulz supporting Club Coach Dylan Huxley in running training.

Pleasingly the club had seven new players at training commit last night and saw over 20 players on the track, following training returning to the TCA Ground.

Munting said of training last night “the feel was fantastic with a number of returning players, as well as a number of new players who are willing to step up and support our club.”

The club is still actively looking to attract new or returning players from the Greater Hobart area to support our club’s rich history.

The Club will provide an indication to the SFL Executive later in the week with Munting optimistic the club would be in a position to field a stand-alone Reserves side, similar to the position taken by the Brighton Football Club in 2019.

The HFC will establish a sub-committee to plan for Season 2024, with the club looking to attract quality Hobart people to rebuild its senior program.

HFC President Josh Munting said “it was fantastic that the players responded to the call out today and that the club has some quality individuals who are prepared to step up and support the rich history of their club”.

Training next week will shift to Tuesday and Thursdays, 6pm at the TCA Ground.