Meet Jarratt Horton

We find out a bit about Jarratt Horton, what he has been up to for the past few years and what he hopes the coming season has in store for him….

Jarratt ‘Horto’ Horton
Age: 31
Height: 193cm
Weight: 99kg
Position: Ruck/FWD
Number: 12
Previous Clubs: Greenough Demons, Tasmanian State Game
Senior Debut: 2007
Favourite Ground: TCA on a glorious spring day in the finals!
Football Ambition: Make a positive impact in the coming HFC rebirth

You haven’t been around the club for a few years, would you like to tell our readers what you’ve been up to with yourself?
I’ve been away from the club for four years actually, I spent a year playing for my dad’s team over in WA and that was a bit of a lifelong goal. We made the Grand Final and unfortunately lost, but that was a great experience. From there I’ve been overseas for three years, travelling around Europe and Afric and living in Scotland for a while. And now I’m back having done no fitness work, just struggling to get a kick at the moment.
It’s a bit different here to when you left obviously, have you noticed any changes and how is the feel of the place?
There is a few more grey hairs, and I’m a yard slower and apart from that it feels like a bit more of a community spirit around the club. It was kind of getting lost a bit in striving for the professionalism of the Statewide league. It felt like off the field as well as on, there was a bit of a case of being stretched too thin. But I really feel like now, there’s more of a club identity back around the place, this sort of thing like painting the clubrooms and going back to the old logo. It really feels like everyone is pulling forward in the same direction this year.
Your hopes for this year?
Personally I am hoping to be able to help out all of these young guys coming through. When I was here before they were coming through the Under 16s and I was up helping coach them and they were probably looking up to me as a bit of a hero. Now they’re all playing alongside me, I’m sure they’re all pretty happy about that and for me it’s good. I get to see their development continued and one day they’ll hopefully be kicking me out of the team and I’ll be kicking around in the Reserves watching them as the future of the club.