Round 18 v Lindisfarne

2016 SFL Season – Round 18 Previews – “FROM THE SFL FACEBOOK PAGE”

Hobart V Lindisfarne at TCA Ground, 2pm

Lindisfarne still remain undefeated for the 2016 SFL season, so it seems easy to predict that they will come out with another win in Round 18 against the Tigers.

The Two Blues have played an exceptional season of footy, coming close to be challenged a couple of times but always taking control of the match and coming out with a win in the end. Lindisfarne sit at the top of the ladder with a 3 win advantage over the second position.

The Tigers are sitting in sixth place on the ladder by percentage and equal to the Lions on points, so it would be good for them to secure a win this week to improve their position and leave them in the top 5 in time for a true shot at finals.

It is unlikely that the Tigers will have enough depth to score a win over Lindisfarne this week, but at the very least, hopefully they put up a strong fight and don’t make it easy for the Two Blues.