Round 7 v New Norfolk

This week sees the in form Tigers take on New Norfolk, Hobart winning their last four matches meanwhile New Norfolk has won just one game and will be looking to add to it. Hopefully Hobart can turn around from it’s last few drubbings against New Norfolk and get the four points. round-7]

Reserves (Selected from):

20 L. Allie, 21 R. Barrow, 38 M. Beck, 48 B. Bennett, 47 D. Bennett, 31 T. Butler, 41 M. Collis, T. Davies, A. Fitzgerald, M. Flanagan, N. Freeman, 50 J. Hart, 54 J. Hill, 52 D. McDonald, 6 J. McGee, 37 M. Nichols, W. Perry, 36 L. Rands, 17 B. Rosendale, 32 C. Thongnoppakun, M. Van Engen, 27 M. Webb, 16 D. Woodcock, 33 J. Young, 45 J. Young