Club Statement

Our members were advised that Callam Upchurch has stepped down as the President of the HFC at our recent Annual General Meeting (AGM). The HFC board would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his passion and efforts to bring the club forward.

At the HFC Board Meeting on Saturday Joshua Munting has been appointed as the President of the Hobart Football Club, with current Junior Director Russell Cripps being appointed as the Vice President to support Josh in the transition to the role. Mr Munting had a few words to say at the club’s volunteer thank you day on Saturday:

I am extremely humbled and proud to be standing here. I’m excited by the direction this club is heading in on-field, and look forward to growing our board to support the great work which Quinny, Rat and the Players are delivering on field.

I may only be 27 years old, but I’m proud to have been involved with this footy club for the last 22 years. The HFC is family, I grew up watching my brother Nathan play in the underage premiership in 2000, whilst I was only 7 years old, I played Auskick here under Phil Geason (believe it or not), and my brother Jacob (best known as Magic) has played here for a number of years. I’ve had the opportunity to play Juniors with the club and stink it up in the Reserves in the prestigious number 83 guernsey, before my knee put a dampener on that (well it was an excuse anyway!).

Dad has always been a passionate supporter of the club, in various roles and I was extremely proud of his recent award of life membership. I’ve been privileged to have my family be a part of this club, and feel that as a club it’s now time for us to progress back to where we deserve to be.

My vision for this club is one which has a strong junior program from Auskick to Under Age, which has on field success. And includes both Womens and Master Rules sides.

I believe our club values of Family, Passion, Success and Tradition describe the heart of what makes this club great. We have some challenges going forward to drive membership and revenue, to grow juniors and to make on-field success a sustainable part of our club. We also have some ambition for where we’d like our home ground the TCA’s facilities to get to, but thanks must go to Russell Young and John Barker for their work so far.
We all love this footy club, and I look forward to working together to make us even stronger and better.

The HFC have identified a number of skillsets which it desires on the board and will shortly be advertising roles which target suitably skilled individuals who can assist to take the club forward off-field. #AnswerTheCall

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Tiger Talk

2020 Annual General Meeting Notice

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday 3 December at the Den (HFC Clubrooms), TCA Ground from 6.30pm. Members are invited to attend.

The board is currently seeking any member recommendations for Life Membership Nominations by 5pm Wednesday 18 November 2020 by email to or by phone on 0458 015 332

2020 HFC Season Awards

Congratulations to all our 2020 Season Award Winners!
In particular our senior result was a special one with the Adams brothers becoming the first HFC family to jointly win the B&F award.
Thanks as well to Scott Quinn, Callam Upchurch for organising the night as well as other volunteers who assisted. Shout out to The Golden Roast Hobart for their great job of the catering.
  • Seniors B&F Winner – Bailey Medal- Jack and Luke Adams
  • Runner Up – Kobey Phillips
  • Women’s B&F Winner – Danielle Woolley
  • Runner Up – Charlotte Cooper
  • Reserves B&F Winner – Macalburn Medal – Caley Gough
  • Reserves B&F Runner Up – James Caulfield
  • Russell Young Club Person of the Year Award – Diana Kwong
Senior Awards
  • MVP – Brad Joseph
  • Most Consistent – Gerrard Lynd
  • Best 1st Year Player – Brock Daniels
  • Most Improved – Bryden Goninon
  • Coaches Award – Ethan Monks
  • Leading Goalkicker – Alex Gilmour
Women’s Awards
  • Best 1st Year Player – Brooke Johns
  • Most courageous – Charlotte Cooper
  • Most Improved – Kirra Lucas
  • Coaches Award – Lisa Crossan
  • Leading Goalkicker – Bree McDonald
Reserves Awards
  • MVP – Justin Harvey
  • Most Consistent- Campbell Dickens
  • Best 1st Year Player – Tyler Raspin
  • Most Improved – Jack Daly
  • Coaches Award – Trent Spriggs

Happy Birthday Pat! 90 Years Young

While a lot of our current players & their families will only know Pat as Marky’s Mum, in fact Pat has been part of our Hobart Football Club all her life.
Being part of the Bailey dynasty Pat along with her 3 sisters, Betty, Fran & Kaye, spent their young years watching their four brothers, Harold, Bruce, Viv and Kevin play for our club.
Pat had some time away from the TCA when she married Ted and four offspring, Debbie, Susan, Stephen and Mark came along. She always supported our club from afar.
It was when her sister Kaye’s son Peter Upchurch started to play that the family once again became involved. Many of the sons of her brothers also played Included is Graeme (Cazza) Bailey who for a long time was our game day runner.
Over the years Pat could be seen selling raffle tickets at the games, working in the canteen or kitchen and traveling the state to support her beloved Hobart Tigers. To this day Pat is known to protect the reputation of our club, she recently took the time to phone the editor of The Mercury with a strong message regarding what she saw as a misrepresented report.
We are blessed to be able to celebrate this very special Birthday with Pa, Ted and Mark and wish her many more! 🐯

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Toyota Raffle 2020 Sales

Thanks for purchasing tickets, sales and your ticket numbers are listed below.

The national draw will take place on 12pm on 20 August 2020.

Ticket # Full Name
148451, Sonia Barr
148452, David Barr
148453, Todd Barr
148454, Darren McDonald
148455, Mandy McDonald
148456, Kate Hall
148457, Nic Cripps
148458, Sam Rees
148459, Hunter Smalley
148460, Jamie Baker-Jensz
148461, Ben Cripps
148462, Peter Anderson
148463, Peter Anderson
148464, Mark Cripps
148465, Mark Cripps
148466, John Hunt
148467, John Hunt
148468, Alex Sykes
148469, Brett Marley
148470 Mariam Belle
148521, Mariam Belle
148522, Thesspina Donopolous
148523, Thesspina Donopolous
148524, Thesspina Donopolous
148525, Thesspina Donopolous
148526, Brian Carlton
148527, Brian Carlton
148528, Brian Carlton
148529, Brian Carlton
148530, Melissa McDonald
148531, Phil Bradley
148532, Phil Bradley
148533, Phil Bradley
148534, Phil Bradley
148535, Phil Bradley
148536, Phil Bradley
148537, Phil Bradley
148538, Phil Bradley
148539, Phil Bradley
148540 Phil Bradley
148561, Cameron Prior
148562, Cameron Prior
148563, Chris Spaulding
148564, Chris Spaulding
148565, Carole Buller
148566, Carole Buller
148567, Julie Shirley
148568, Julie Shirley
148569, Lloyd Prior
148570, Lloyd Prior
148571, Sharon Prior
148572, Sharon Prior
148573, Jacquie Prior
148574, Jacquie Prior
148575, Tommy Fotale
148576, Tommy Fotale
148577, Tommy Fotale
148578, Tommy Fotale
148579, Tommy Fotale
148580 Tommy Fotale
148581, Tommy Fotale
148582, Tommy Fotale
148583, Tommy Fotale
148584, Tommy Fotale
148585, Dwayne Cosker
148586, Dwayne Cosker
148587, Dwayne Cosker
148588, Dwayne Cosker
148589, Dwayne Cosker
148590, Dwayne Cosker
148591, Dwayne Cosker
148592, Dwayne Cosker
148593, Dwayne Cosker
148594, Dwayne Cosker
148595, Bronwyn Rowlands
148596, Bronwyn Cheeseman
148597, Bronwyn Cheeseman
148598, Melissa Cutler
148599, David Beresfonn
148600 Robin Shaw
148611, Robin Shaw
148612, Hayden Goodwin
148613, Hayden Goodwin
148614, Heath Rogers
148615, Heath Rogers
148616, Caroline Cannala
148617, Lee Mason
148618, Lee Mason
148619, Brent Wisby
148620, Brent Wisby
148621, Michael Baker
148622, Michael Baker
148623, Hannah Rabe
148624, Hannah Rabe
148625, Meredith Hepburn
148626, Meredith Hepburn
148627, Meredith Hepburn
148628, Meredith Hepburn
148629, Damien Rabe
148630 Sandra Smith
148631, Emma Jacobson
148632, Nerolie Callagham
148633, Nerolie Callagham
148634, Natalia Arnold
148635, Natalia Arnold
148636, Natalia Arnold
148637, Natalia Arnold
148638, Bruce Arnold
148639, Bruce Arnold
148640, Bruce Arnold
148641, Bruce Arnold
148642, Bruce Arnold
148643, Bruce Arnold
148644, Marijana Fotak
148645, Marijana Fotak
148646, Marijana Fotak
148647, Marijana Fotak
148648, Paul Munting
148649, Paul Munting
148650 Ray Kean
148651, Sidney Fletcher
148652, Oakler Fletcher
148653, Bronwen Colhoun
148654, Bronwen Colhoun
148655, Christine Ganzor
148656, Christine Ganzor
148657, Christine Ganzor
148658, Gavin Ganzor
148659, Gavin Ganzor
148660, Gavin Ganzor
148661, Xavier Ganzor
148662, Xavier Ganzor
148663, Cindy Jones
148664, Cindy Jones
148665, Peta Kely
148666, Sue & Greg Dickson
148667, Sue & Greg Dickson
148668, Sue & Greg Dickson
148669, Sue & Greg Dickson
148670 Sue & Greg Dickson
148671, Sue & Greg Dickson
148672, Adam & Tess Delotter
148673, Adam & Tess Delotter
148674, Adam & Tess Delotter
148675, Adam & Tess Delotter
148676, Tyler Dean
148677, Tim Lestenberg
148678, Lyn de Groot
148679, John de Groot
148680, Karen Dean
148681, Karen Dean
148682, Karen Dean
148683, Jan de Groot
148684, Jan de Groot
148685, Jan de Groot
148686, Irene Bacon
148687, Brian Bacon
148688, Barb Lisson
148689, Ron Moses
148690 Sally Browning
148731, Lisa Balm
148732, Vicki Roberts
148733, Josh Balm
148734, Daniel Balm
148735, Jayden Balm
148736, Rebecca Pfitzner
148737, Troy Pfitzner
148738, Zac Pftizner
148739, Oliver Pfitzner
148740, Beau Pfitzner
148741, Kellie Buck
148742, Leonie Hughes
148743, Kristina Read
148744, Janine Lord
148745, Penny Lucas
148746, Melissa McGuire
148747, Kerrin Beauchamp
148748, Kerrin Beauchamp
148749, Melissa McGuire
148750 Georgina Gillow
148771, Georgina Gillow
148772, Vikki Buhse
148773, Vikki Buhse
148774, Donna Brown
148775, Laura Hawkins
148776, David Smith
148777, Daryll Taylor
148778, Richard Marriott
148779, Julia Shugg
148780, Julia Shugg
148781, Julia Shugg
148782, Julia Shugg
148783, Julia Shugg
148784, Julia Shugg
148785, Julia Shugg
148786, Julia Shugg
148787, Julia Shugg
148788, Julia Shugg
148789, Toni Turnbull
148790 Toni Turnbull
148791, Toni Turnbull
148792, Toni Turnbull
148793, Toni Turnbull
148794, Kathleen Parker
148795, Kathleen Parker
148796, Sophie Young
148797, Sophie Young
148798, Emily Cranny
148799, Emily Cranny
148800, Shaun Cranny
148801, Shaun Cranny
148802, Wendy Young
148803, Wendy Young
148804, Jess Young
148805, Jess Young
148806, Brianna Burdon
148807, Joshua Burdon
148808, Christine Purdon
148809, Christine Purdon
148810 Anita Hill
148826, Anita Hill
148827, Anita Hill
148828, Anita Hill
148829, Josie Hughes
148830, Josie Hughes
148831, Josie Hughes
148832, Josie Hughes
148833, Josie Hughes
148834, Barbara Hughes
148835, Barbara Hughes
148836, Kristina Barrett
148837, Kristina Barrett
148838, Kristina Barrett
148839, Kristina Barrett
148840, Kristina Barrett
148841, Kristina Barrett
148842, Brad Jones
148843, Brad Jones
148844, Jeremy Jones
148845 Duncan Bull
148846, Duncan Bull
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SFL/SFLW Covid-19 Protocols Reminder

Thanks to all supporters, spectators, volunteers and players for your cooperation so far to allow the SFL/SFLW Competition to occur so far. Please keep up the great work, just some reminders below from the competition.

COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Wet Areas- anyone consuming alcohol is to be seated and to maintain 1.5m social distancing
  • Hand sanitizers and wipes are to be located located on all entrance points, changerooms, canteens and clubrooms and are available near commonly touched surfaces.
  • Spectators are NOT allowed in changerooms during or after games.
  • Please be aware of social distancing at all times. Usage of signage to remind spectators.


  • It is still recommended that teams stay out on the ground during half time breaks unless inclement weather conditions.
  • Footballs need to be wiped down/sanitised in between games.
  • Posters and signage indicating COVID protocols are required at all entrances, canteens, changerooms and around the grounds. (Please see attached as well as more information on the AFL Tasmanian website).
  • Individual drink bottles are required and water carriers are only allowed during breaks in play. Stationed water bottle drinks tubs are recommended in each pocket and sidelines.
  • Timekeepers are reminded that time continues when stretchers are on the ground.


  • A reminder that entrance gates need to be covered all day in to monitor the numbers inside the venue (500 people max).
  • Ground announcements where possible, as well as scoreboard footage where possible of COVID protocol reminders.
  • In an effort to maximise game times, please ensure that there are adequate spare footballs behind the goals.
  • For more information please visit
SFL/SFLW Covid-19 Protocols Reminder2020-08-12T12:46:07+11:00

Tiger Talk

The Week Gone (Footy is back!)

The weekend saw our first full home game for Season 2020.

It was great to see you all back, including some friendly faces we haven’t seen for some time.
The Reserves kicked the day off and were slow starters, by halftime they were in trouble at 37 points down before a competitive second half. Will Dean and Trent Sprigss were the two first mentions on their debuts for the HFC.
Hobart       0.1  1.1   3.1       5.1  (31)
Lindisfarne 2.2  6.8  8.11  11.18 (84)
Goal Kickers: C. Thongnoppakun 2, J. Webster 2, M. Van Engen
Best Players: W. Dean, T. Spriggs, J. Young, R. Barrow, H. Triffett, J. Caulfield
The Womens side had the opportunity to play as the curtain raiser for the Seniors and were filmed by Duff TV. Still plenty of new faces who were playing their 2nd game for the club. The endeavour was there and they never gave up, but Lindisfarne were too polished on the day
Hobart       0.0  0.0  0.0  0.0  (0)
Lindisfarne 4.7  8.10  15.12  20.15 (135)
Best Players: C. Cooper, L. Crossan, B. McDonald, S. Burridge, D. Woolley, I. Stoye
Riding a 15 game losing streak dating back to August 2018, the Seniors had the imposing task of taking on the reigning back-to-back Premiers. We knew it’d be a tough contest
The Tigers didn’t take their changes in the first quarter firing through just the three behinds, to Lindisfarne’s three straight goals. The Tigers lost our Vice-Captain (and acting Captain) Dylan Huxley with a hamstring issue in the first quarter. But the second term was a different story led by Senior Assistant Brad Joseph kicking a couple.
We were up at halftime and the crowd were alive, the Tigers storming home with 9 Senior Debutants playing for the club to roll the reigning premiers. Big mentions to Joseph kicking four, Lachie Plummer with three, Hutchinson and Evans down back and too many other individual efforts to mention. The Tigers had beaten Lindisfarne for the first time since returning to the SFL (and in fact since 2001) and fired a warning shot to the rest of the competition.
Hobart       0.3  5.5  11.7  13.9  (87)
Lindisfarne 3.0  4.4  9.4  11.7. (73)
Goal Kickers: B. Joseph 4, L. Plummer 3, A. Gilmour 2, B. Lockley, T. Clark, M. Cripps, Z. Awde
Best Players: A. Evans, C. Hutchison, B. Joseph, B. Goninon, L. Plummer, Z. Awde  


To the players, coaches and volunteers who have got us off the ground for Season 2020. We are all enjoying the return of REAL FOOTY. Best of luck to our sides this week as we taken on Claremont in the three grades at Abbotsfield Park!

Entertainment Memberships

Entertainment Books have gone 100% digital. Support your club and local business and grab yourself one! 🐯🏈 the app is easy to use.

Tiger Lotto

Last week’s winning number was 92.

If you haven’t signed up for Tiger Lotto there are still numbers left signup here– for $10 a week you can be in our weekly $400 cash draw (1 in 100 chance of winning). Win some ca$h and support your footy club.


The national ‘Toyota Good for Footy’ raffle has sold out online, but we are still selling some in-person tickets.

100% of the proceeds go to Hobart TIGERS. You’ll also go in the draw to win 1 of 10 amazing prizes, including a brand new car! Now that’s good for everyone. Oh what a feeling!

Contact Joshua Munting on 0458 015 332 or,

Otherwise you can buy a ticket or two next time you are at the footy club! Go Tigers.

Return of the Juniors

With the sun shining and weather more akin to games in September, the Junior Tiger teams have finally been able to get the start-stop-start season underway in July which has been a great relief to coaches, players and parents. This season the Hobart Junior Football Club (HJFC) have been able to field teams in the U8, U9, U10, U11, and U11G competitions, as well as having a decent bunch of Auskickers to boot.

Most teams have been extremely fortunate to have played both of their fixtures so far at the TCA, and it must be said that the ground is looking good right now and a delight to be playing on.

Jarrod Kleeman is once again running around with the U8 team, a large squad made up of players from last season who were oh-so-keen to start playing, as well as a big group of new players eager to learn. Whilst scores are not kept at this level (I’m sure they could tell you the score if asked!), it is safe to say that they are having lots of fun, learning a lot as a team, and showing signs of improvement week on week.

For the U9 team this year we are greatly appreciative of Timmy Clark and Brad Joseph from the senior team giving us some of their time to help shape this group of players. The juniors are extremely fortunate to be able to be getting instructions from those who are performing at the highest level possible within the club. Whilst results on the field may not be quite what the team and coaches were hoping for, the kids are still enthusiastic, and are improving all the time. With a bit of further recruitment of some additional players, and as the teamwork continues to develop, we expect to see this team banging in goals adding to the smiling faces.

Justin Wilson has taken over the role of coaching the U10s, with some insight and assistance from Phil Geason during training runs. They have exploded onto the park with a lot of energy, goals and fantastic results to show for the start of the season. The many years of playing together as a group is really starting to click and they are being rewarded for all their hard work as a team against solid opposition.

The U11 team is lead once again by Troy Pfitzner who has taken this group of players from the start of their playing days through to now, their 4th season together. Whilst they have not been getting the game results deserving of the effort applied on the park, the squad is showing steady improvements in not only their technique, but also tactics which becomes very important as the teams mature with age.

For the girls teams this year it has been a bit of a regeneration activity for Russell Cripps to mold into a new look squad. The younger players from last year have come back and formed the core to build the new team around. With a boost of ever-increasing new players to add to the talent pool, this season has started with some very impressive displays of individual and team skills which have produced a first round win and then backed up with a fantastic 4th quarter close comeback in the second round.

All in all, whilst this season might be shorter than first anticipated, it is sure to be impressive and one that Jarrod, Timmy, Brad, Justin, Troy, and Russell will be proud to be coaching. Finally, the tireless work of Janet must be recognized as she continues to provide information to parents, assist coaches and managers with getting support where needed, sorting out all the club administration, and ensuring that each player is looking the part on game day, as part of her voluntary role to ensure the kids get to have fun on a Sunday.

Tiger Talk2020-07-30T11:54:51+11:00

Tiger Talk


The Hobart Football Club is saddened by the loss of past player Brendan Free. ‘Nudie’ played 107 games for the HFC and was a member of the 1999 premiership side. Brendan is part of the famous Free family who are like royalty at the HFC. Brendan’s father, the late Kevin Free, and his 3 brothers all played for the club along with numerous uncles and cousins. Brendan’s cousin and current player Josh Young is carrying on the family tradition in 2020.

Nudie always loved a beer and one Saturday night after a game decided to have a snooze in the clubrooms after 1 or 2, only for everyone else to leave and lock the doors on him. A Sunday session had been planned for the next day and it was to everyone’s surprised when the doors were unlocked at lunchtime to find Nudie already sitting at the bar waiting for the boys to arrive to get back into it.

He was a fantastic clubman and an extremely popular and selfless teammate and will be sorely missed by all that knew him.

Condolences to Brendan’s Mum, Sybil, brothers, Martin (Chilli), Simon (Horse) and Nick, Sister Katie and children Lachie and Ella.

R.I.P Nudie.

Season Launch this Saturday Night!

We’ve published our full Seniors, Womens and Reserves 2020 Fixtures here!

Womens Kick off this Friday Night at the TCA – 6.30pm 🐯🏈
Season Launch Event this Saturday Night
🐯🐯🐯Jumper Presentation Night🐯🐯🐯
18th of July
6.30pm for a 7.00pm start
TCA – Den
$10 Entry (includes food)

– 2020 jumper presentations
– 2019 life member presentations

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Tiger Lotto

Congratulations to last week’s winner, Graeme Peck!

If you haven’t signed up for Tiger Lotto there are still numbers left signup here– for $10 a week you can be in our weekly $400 cash draw (1 in 100 chance of winning). Win some ca$h and support your footy club.

Toyota Good for Footy Raffle

We know that Toyota is a great sponsor of footy, in addition to Co-Op Toyota being a valued sponsor of the club we’re taking part in the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle! Tickets are $5ea, with three cars to be given away and heaps of other prizes. Support your footy club and grab a few 🏈🐯🚗

Tickets are on sale here.

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Tiger Talk

Tiger Lotto

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the club and make Tiger Lotto possible. Thanks to everyone who’s signed up so far.

If you haven’t yet there are still numbers left – for $10 a week you can be in our weekly $400 cash draw (1 in 100 chance of winning).

Signup at

Congratulations to our first 3 winners:

  • Justin Harvey
  • James Pulford
  • Gerrard Lynd

A Sad Note

We at the Hobart Football Club are saddened by the passing of William (Bill) Halley.

Bill was a Member of our one and only Reserves Premiership in 1955 coached by Don McVilly  that thrashed Sandy Bay 110 to 32.

He was later a Member of our 1960 Premiership Senior Side coached by Mal Pascoe that defeated North Hobart by 4 points.

Bill had the nickname of Bullfrog and was a very likeable chap and a great team man.   RIP  Bill


As the season 2020 begins to look more likely to occur we’d encourage those who haven’t already to suppor the club and get your membership.

Head to or give Josh a call on 0458 015 332

Tiger Triumph Podcast


New podcast series dropping soon taking a look back at the rise of the Hobart Football Club’s Under 18 side from winless cellar dwellers in 2016 to undefeated premiers in 2017 in the Southern Football League (SFL).

Hosted by Ryan Rosendale and premiership coach Will Perry, each episode the guys will sit down and detail just how this miraculous feet was pulled off. It’s a pretty extraordinary football story, one definitely worth hearing about!

Join the guys for a bunch of laughs and along the way they’ll be joined by guests that played a role throughout the two year period where the side turned everything around to reach that one day in September.

Episode 1 will be kicked through the big sticks mid-week and will be available on all your podcast-loving platforms! 🏉 🎙

Give their Facebook page a like to keep up with the podcast – more to come!

Tiger Talk2020-06-22T17:29:37+11:00

Tiger Talk – Stay at Home Edition

From the President’s Desk

Hi everyone,

I don’t usually like to keep bombarding you with my rubbish but I feel at this time it’s important to stay in touch and keep contact with those around us.

The Hobart Football Club is a family club so I am playing the annoying family member hassling you for now.

Things have definitely changed since the last time I sent a message out. Obviously football hasn’t started up and in fact there’s nothing going on at all. It still seems a bit otherworldly that we won’t be playing in a fortnight. Now the AFL being postponed….

This message is more about looking out for each other than it is about updating you on any football matters; my update is that there is no update. It’s pretty tough out there for a lot of people connected to the club but I want you all to know that we are here for you. If we can help in any small way then let us know (obviously as long as we can stand 1.5 metres away from each other, there’s less than 10 of us, you supply hand sanitiser and you don’t have a cough).

When (I’m staying positive) we get up and running for the 2020 season the club will need all the support you can give. I wish to thank our sponsors who are on board and I hope they aren’t doing it too tough. Once again we will need to support them once this craziness has subsided.  Members and supporters – please keep safe and healthy because we will need you in the stands once we kick off. If you haven’t bought your membership then why not do it now. Might keep you busy for a while if you are self-isolating.

Speaking of self-isolating, if you are looking for something to do you may like to read up on the AFL’s news on COVID-19. We have a link on our website that will take you to all the FAQs around this.  This will be updated by the AFL and keep you all informed.

Anyway that’s enough from this annoying member. But please reach out if you need to talk, send us message or something but take care.

Look after yourselves and stay healthy.



AFL Community Football – COVID-19 FAQ

We need you now more than ever!

Grab a membership – support your football club!!!

Tiger Talk – Stay at Home Edition2020-03-31T10:02:52+11:00

From The President – COVID-19

Note from the President – Club Statement

Hi everyone,

Well we are certainly living in strange times at the moment.

I wanted to give a quick update on where we sit with the COVID-19 virus and how it is affecting our club. I won’t be saying too much here because of the lack of information at this time but I will definitely fill you in as I get more. You can be sure that the HFC taking this very serious and will take every measure to ensure our players, officials and supporters health will not be compromised by this.

The AFL has recommended that training cease from this week, until further notice. The start of the season has unfortunately been postponed with no community football to be played before May 31. This is disappointing and frustrating (believe me I know, I now have time to do my lawns when I would much prefer to be at the footy) but everyone’s health is a priority at this time.  Obviously a few of our early functions are in limbo but the board will be looking at these and we will see if we can move them to later in the season. In the short term we will postpone the upcoming Season Launch function (which will be re-scheduled to a future date). If some of these functions don’t go ahead we will need your support when it comes down to other functions later in the year.

Anyway as I said I just wanted to let you all know how we are travelling at this time and that I am in touch with the SFL daily (sometimes more and I am sure they are sick of me) about what we are doing and how it will affect us.

I will certainly pass on any more information as I get it.

Look after yourselves and stay healthy.


Callam Upchurch

President, Hobart Football Club Inc.

From The President – COVID-192020-03-22T18:22:54+11:00
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