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Our members were advised that Callam Upchurch has stepped down as the President of the HFC at our recent Annual General Meeting (AGM). The HFC board would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his passion and efforts to bring the club forward.

At the HFC Board Meeting on Saturday Joshua Munting has been appointed as the President of the Hobart Football Club, with current Junior Director Russell Cripps being appointed as the Vice President to support Josh in the transition to the role. Mr Munting had a few words to say at the club’s volunteer thank you day on Saturday:

I am extremely humbled and proud to be standing here. I’m excited by the direction this club is heading in on-field, and look forward to growing our board to support the great work which Quinny, Rat and the Players are delivering on field.

I may only be 27 years old, but I’m proud to have been involved with this footy club for the last 22 years. The HFC is family, I grew up watching my brother Nathan play in the underage premiership in 2000, whilst I was only 7 years old, I played Auskick here under Phil Geason (believe it or not), and my brother Jacob (best known as Magic) has played here for a number of years. I’ve had the opportunity to play Juniors with the club and stink it up in the Reserves in the prestigious number 83 guernsey, before my knee put a dampener on that (well it was an excuse anyway!).

Dad has always been a passionate supporter of the club, in various roles and I was extremely proud of his recent award of life membership. I’ve been privileged to have my family be a part of this club, and feel that as a club it’s now time for us to progress back to where we deserve to be.

My vision for this club is one which has a strong junior program from Auskick to Under Age, which has on field success. And includes both Womens and Master Rules sides.

I believe our club values of Family, Passion, Success and Tradition describe the heart of what makes this club great. We have some challenges going forward to drive membership and revenue, to grow juniors and to make on-field success a sustainable part of our club. We also have some ambition for where we’d like our home ground the TCA’s facilities to get to, but thanks must go to Russell Young and John Barker for their work so far.
We all love this footy club, and I look forward to working together to make us even stronger and better.

The HFC have identified a number of skillsets which it desires on the board and will shortly be advertising roles which target suitably skilled individuals who can assist to take the club forward off-field. #AnswerTheCall

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TD Solutions Club Workshop 2019

Club Workshop (Strategic Plan 2019-2023)


 Parents, committee, sponsors, players, coaches and anyone involved with our great club

 Monday 18 November 2019- 6.15–9.00pm at clubrooms


Running a grassroots community club, the size of ours can be challenging and put pressure on the volunteers who do the lion’s share of the work. We can risk volunteer burnout, which can ultimately lead to a lowering of our standards – in professionalism, performance, revenue, and all the things we have come to love about our club.

To support our volunteers and help our club run better, we invite everyone involved with the club, past and present, to attend this important planning workshop.

It is an opportunity to take our club to the next level and secure its on and off-field sustainability by creating a strategic plan and getting everyone to contribute to building a strong future for the club.

This engaging interactive 2.5 to 3-hour session is for all members of our senior and junior clubs. It covers 5 key areas:

  • HEALTH ASSESSMENT – TDS health check – analysing 10 key areas of the club – identifying gaps and opportunities, succession planning & more
  • REVENUE GENERATION – Identifying 30 New revenue initiatives that should generate the Club $70-$100k New revenue in Year 1
  • FINANCIAL REPORTING – Simplified reporting structure (3 x 1 pages) to ensure tracking of financial health is maintained
  • VOLUNTEERS – Opportunities to have the Federal Government to fund some people to work for our club at NO cost.
  • COMMITTEE STRUCTURE – walking through the importance of having the right committee structure going forward.
  • PLUS! A STRATEGIC PLAN ON 4 PAGES covering 5 short-term operational pillars (12 months) and 5 key long-term strategic pillars (3-5 years). The workshop session provides a simple roadmap for the committee to follow.

Please make the time to participate in this important session!

 For more information please contact Joshua Munting on 0458 015 332  

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