Tiger Talk – 11 August 2016


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Some weeks are sent to challenge us and others are just so good, well this one was in the good category even though we didn’t take four points in any of the games.  Firstly we look at our under 18’s who undoubtedly played some of their best football for the year. A fulltime score of four goals and two behinds was a good start given they were playing the fourth team on the ladder (if their percentage was better they would be third). The Tigers ran the ball well contested and looked probably should have kicked another four goals during the game. On Saturday they are our only team playing, with the other sides having the bye. We hope the trek down to Dodges Ferry is a safe and rewarding one (game starts at 9.30am). Best of luck to our colts!

Our Reserves are a different kettle of fish and just when I think I have figured out this side they do something ordinary.  Saturday saw the reserves line up with five of their best players out and to be honest I thought we might struggle, how wrong you can be? The first quarter saw us run hard, contest the ball and at quarter time we held a slender lead of 5 points.  The second quarter saw Lindisfarne challenge us and the half time siren gave them a 14 point advantage. From the half way mark we did not contest well and allowed Lindisfarne to score at will with a disappointing result especially given the half time score.

The seniors was another super game with strong contests all over the ground.  Jarratt Horton’s return to the seniors gave us drive from the rucking contests and our defence (in particular Callan Newman and Jacob Campbell) held Lindisfarne at bay.  Half time saw Lindisfarne with a 13 point lead and the Tigers were looking good. The half time break rejuvenated our boys and we were firing up in the third quarter to a point where at three quarter time the Tigers led by two points. This was extended out to 8 points early in the last. But former Tiger Michael Clark put our hopes to the flame, kicking a large haul in the last to shake off an upset against the undefeated “Two” Blues.
Under 18’s
Hobart         1.1     3.1    3.2    4.2    (26)
Lindisfarne   1.10    9.16    11.19    15.21  (111)
Goals  T Farnham, D Upton, M Fish, J Marshall
Best  J Woolley, J Granfield, S Godfrey, S Clark, J Aram, J Marshall

Hobart          3.2    4.7    4.8        4.10  (34)
Lindisfarne  2.3    6.9     9.13    14.17 (101)
Goals  Mark Beck, Michael Bannister, Josh Hill
Best Trey Butler, Mark Beck, Jacob Munting, Luke Allie, Beau Bennett, Darren McDonald

Hobart         2.1    9.5    9.6    11.7   (73)
Lindisfarne  5.4    7.6    8.10    16.12  (108)
Goals  Dylan Huxley 5, Sam Reeves 3, Bryden Goninon, Mark Nichols, Ross Hugo.
Best  Jacob Campbell, Callin Newman, Ross Hugo, Brenton Allie, Dylan Huxley, Jarratt Horton.

Edge Radio – 99.3FM:

Local footy seems to have been off the media’s agenda. So this year the Hobart Football Club has invested a lot of effort into bringing local footy back to the radio, in partnership with Edge Radio 99.3FM. The club has broadcast four games for the season live on community radio. It has been an overwhelming success and we are now looking to build on it for Season 2017, with all our scheduled broadcasts out of the way. Feel free to contact Joshua Munting if you wish to get involved or with any feedback (0458 015 332). On behalf of the Hobart Football Club we wish to give a big thanks to the following:

  • Edge Radio 99.3FM
  • Alistair Ling (Edge Radio)
  • Rod Hunt
  • Joshua Muntingedge-cube
  • Rosie Hunt
  • Ryan Rosendale
  • Tony Rosendale
  • Alex FitzGerald
  • Kyle Sarne (Stats Man)
  • Russell Young
  • Ben Harrison (SFL)
  • Martin Duff (Duff TV)

The club has been proud to have brought local footy back to the airwaves, WATCH THIS SPACE FOR SEASON 2017.