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Thommo Night – This FRIDAY

Thanks to those who have already bought their tickets to the Jeff “Thommo” Thomson sportsman’s night this friday night. It is sure to be a great event and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Supper will be provided, doors open from 6.30pm. IF YOU HAVEN’T GOT YOUR TICKETS YET DOOR SALES WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT FOR $35, otherwise do us a favour and pre-purchase yours from www.hobartfc.com.au/thommo to save on time!

Footy Tipping 2019

Calling you to support your club and go in the running to win some great prizes. Introducing HFC’s 2019 AFL Footy Tipping. Weekly prizes will be $50 per week, with a substantial prize for 1st place also. The more the merrier.

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Flyer with full details for HFC Footy Tipping

1959 Premiership Reunion – Pt One

The recent 1959 reunion (Sunday 3 March) at Cornelian Bay with a number of players in attendance, it has given me a great opportunity to catch some stories from the years gone by and retell them to you in this two-part series.

A lot of time and memories have passed in the 60 years since the Tigers defeated New Norfolk to win the Premiership, but nevertheless history will always say that the Tigers went on to win 9.14.68 to 2.9.21 in front of 10,000. I wasn’t even born yet – but recently I had the pleasure of talking to a number of Hobart players from this illustrious side. Each of them spoke with great pride about their time at the Hobart Football Club.

Ray “Brows” Hill

Ray Hill is a great clubman and ‘historian’ of the club putting together a number of publications celebrating the club’s history for the old players. Ray spoke of moving down from Queenstown at the age of 16 to live in New Town and play for New Norfolk.

Unfortunately to New Norfolk’s detriment they couldn’t secure Ray a “man’s job” as he now refers to it. I guess, he was only 16 at the time. So Ray spoke to the manager of his accommodation in 1956 about which club to play for, stressing that the reason he’d moved to Hobart was to play football. The Hobart Football Club was the recommendation, and the club secured Ray a job at the ‘Zinc Works’ in Lutana (now Nystar). The rest as they say is history.

Ray played for the club from 1956 in what became known as the “Golden Era” playing a total of 219 games (189 senior & 30 reserves) He played in premierships in 1959, 1960, 1963 and 1966, plus the Statewide Premiership in 1959.

Ray left Hobart to go to Railway Football Club as a playing coach before switching to non-playing coach. Ray led Railway to a premiership in the STFA in 1971. The STFA folded in 1987 despite the efforts of Ray and other stalwarts of the club.

Neville Legro

Neville admits that his memory isn’t as good as it once was, but there’s a sense of pride as he reminisces on his time at the working man’s club that was the Hobart Football Club. He spoke with pride about the club’s rich history and at just how grateful he was to see the club return to the club’s traditional identity of the Hobart Tigers in 2009.

Neville describes what he refers to as Hobart’s “Wharfies” culture in the early 50s due to the club’s Secretary/President being in charge of the wharf and providing plenty of employment for Tigers players. Even to this day Neville is still a club member.

Neville told me of how he started with the club in 1953 through the Macalburn Football Club. Macalburn, for those who aren’t aware was the club’s Under 18s side in the State Schools Old Boys’ Association from 1933 to 1963. Neville described a number of talented players coming through the ranks of Macalburn and the club recruiting well to sign top up players such as Ray Hill, Max Byers, Trevor Leo and Dennis Powell all out of area to build a formidable side.

Neville managed to play a few games in the Seniors under Billy Tonks in 1953, before Hobart secured a flag in 1954. Neville played around 240 games for the club, hanging up the boots in 1965. His career seeing the club win four TFL Premierships and finish runners-up twice.

Neville still tells the story of winning the Premiership in 1954 and going to the New Town train station on Monday morning ready to get the train to the ‘Zinc Works’ in Lutana. Upon hearing the toot of the train and some loud commotion Neville looked up to see a familiar face, his work colleague and the Hobart Coach at the time Bill Williams driving the train (no doubt still celebrating hard).

See next week’s Tiger Talk for Part Two – which will feature Max Byers and Trevor Leo.

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