Tiger Talk – 23 June 2016


This Week Gone:

Some Saturdays are meant to be forgotten and we just had one of those.  Our Under 18’s battled it out and were overrun by a bigger more experienced side. The reserves started like champions and the rested up in the second quarter before the big serve from the coach.  I look at this side as a strong finals contender and the third quarter they displayed all those qualities kicking 6.1 and just running the opposition off their feet.  Shame we eased up again in the last quarter and allowed the game to be stolen.  Great to see the return of Adam Henderson and we look forward to his full recovery including game confidence over the next few weeks.

Our Seniors were slow out of the blocks and never gained real momentum. The only positive was the fact that we outscored Dodges Ferry in the last quarter and we are all positive about that will lead us to some great football against Brighton on Saturday.
Results   Seniors  Hobart   2.1      4.1    6.7      12.11   (83)
                    Dodges Ferry    6.6   12.8   20.13   24.20  (164)
Goals:  Josh Webster 2, Dylan Huxley 2, Stuart Paterson 2, Bryden Goninon 2, Corey Murphy , Sam Reeves, Josh Young , Luke Sullivan.
Best:  Tim Langdale, Mark Young, Michael Woods, Bryden Goninon, Stuart Paterson, Brenton Allie
Reserves      Hobart       3.0   4.6    10.7    11.12  (78)
          Dodges Ferry         4.5   7.5    8.5     13.6      (84)
Goals:   Matt Collis 3, Josh Hill 2, Adam Henderson, Darren McDonald, Dean Jetson, Bryce Apted, Charlie Leek, Trey Butler.
Best:  Mitchell Webb, Trey Butler, Dean Jetson, Bryce Apted, Jacob Munting, Mitchell Bird.
Under 18’s  Hobart    0.0    1.3      1.4         1.5  (11)
          Dodges Ferry     3.3    5.11   10.13   14.17 (101)
Goals:  Harry Fish
Best : Harry Fish, Zane Awde, Isaak Hovington, Sam Clark, Ty Nichols, Jaydon Aram

Off the Field:

We are running hot with some awesome functions coming up including Saturday after the game at the Talbot Tavern and perhaps a refreshing ale at the Den afterwards.

July 16th sees the Presidents lunch at the TCA and if you haven’t attended one of these you don’t know what you are missing including a superb lunch provided by the Roaring Grill, drinks from midday till 3, guest speakers including Jamie Shanahan and an entertaining game of football between Hobart Tigers and Cygnet.  (more details at www.hobartfc.com.au – can even buy your tickets online)

August 16th is the reunion  of all those players who crossed the river from Hobart to Lindisfarne or vice versa and believe you me there are plenty of them.  This day will be a great outing at the TCA and entertaining for all and an opportunity for the Tigers to rate themselves against the top side (Lindisfarne).

August 13th will be the annual Black and Gold Ball or as we currently enjoy the event our cocktail party and an event for all players, members, volunteers and supporters to enjoy. More on this one over the next couple of weeks.