Tiger Talk – 3 July 2015





It was back to the TCA on Saturday with magnificent weather and mixed results on the football front. The Reserves were in sensational form and showed some teamwork that hasn’t been seen before.

Shaun Gray, Bryce Apted and Cody Mryzk were amongst a real leadership group that enabled us to not only win but hold a margin of 75 points. This was the Reserves’ fifth consecutive win.

Our Senior group were not up to the task on Saturday and allowed a mediocre team to show them up.  Final score was Dodges Ferry  18.12  120 to Hobart 10.16  76.  Bestplayers were D Huxley, L Sullivan, A Henderson, D Jetson and B Goninon.

The last year and a half has been a challenging one for our club at board and playing level, so to read the praise from our brothers at East Coast (printed in the weeks record) is truly encouraging.  It read Lastly could not go to print without acknowledging “The Hobart Football Club’s performance last Saturday at the TCA, as they well and truly displayed that they are a club on the up.. well done to all the Hobart volunteers and footy department staff that are starting to reap the rewards of 1.5 years of hard work, and thank you for the great after game hospitality.”

Our JUNIORS have done it again,  The under 16 group have won their first game of the season and what a magnificent win it was defeating Kingston.  The scores were Hobart 12.20  92 Kingston 9 7 61.  This week brings another great achievement by Trey Ramritu who will play his 100th Junior game in the Under 16s on Sunday at 1.15pm (at the TCA). Lets get along and support Trey and the under 16’s as they endeavour to score their second win for 2015!

Volunteer of the Week is Tony McSherry.  Tony has been with HFC for in excess of 15 years many as head trainer and religiously performs rub downs, strappings, injury assesments and gives out recovery advice.  If there is a new course to see or a change in medical advice Tony is all over it.  Monday night is assessment of injured players, Tuesday strapping, rub downs and more advice, Thursday all tasks and Saturday a dawn to dusk vigil at all games.  You could not find a more dedicated volunteer and we are so lucky to have Tony on board.

What’s Happening around the Club? You ask well there is a 100 club happening with a major prize of $2000, a car raffle being organised and more importantly we are still collecting blankets and donations for the St Vincent De Paul Society so if any of these interest you please call us on 0427 256 340.

Our Sponsor of the week is Bupa Dental .  Bupa and Hobart Football Club have joined forces to bring you a one of event on Monday 13th at the TCA.  Your invitation is attached so please contact us to confirm your booking at either or both events.