Tiger Talk – 3 June 2016


Match Reports:

Bright sunshine, an excited crowd what a great atmosphere. Our first live radio broadcast through our community partners Edge Radio 99.3 FM was all set up and ready to go.  Unfortunately, that is where it stopped for us on Saturday and whilst the two blues were good hosts in most areas they weren’t so social on the field.  The first quarter saw us langdale-v-lfarnebeing quite competitive and at quarter time the margin was only 16 points. Our second quarter was also good and at half time the two blues had only got away to 27 points in the lead.  Our horror third quarter came back and the slick opposition capitalised on our mistakes and the procession began. To our credit we fought the game right out and I am sure we took away some valuable learnings from this game. We are improving each week, our endeavour is constant and this week should see a return to the winners circle.
Scores Lindisfarne     3.7    8.9    13.13    19.21  (135)
Hobart            1.3     4.6     7.6        7.9      (51)
Goal kickers: Mark Beck 3,  Dylan Huxley 2, Bryden Goninon, Luke Sullivan
Best Players: Ross Hugo, Alex Stephens, Tim Langdale, Sam Reeves, Stuart Paterson, Brenton Allie.
MISSED OUR EDGE RADIO BROADCAST? – Replay including audio and video footage at www.hobartfc.com.au

The reserves had a great start to their day leading by 8 points at quarter time and only trailing by 13 at half time. After half time they were given the only real lesson they have suffered this year.  The two blues were relentless and we struggled to match their efforts with a few exclusions.  Probably the highlight of the day was the James McGee mark at centre half back, he kicked the ball forward to a contest and realised we may not win same so followed up and contested the crumbs eventually ending up in the forward pocket and snapping a goal Sheer Determination.
Scores  Lindisfarne  0.5   7.7    14.12    22.14   (146)
Hobart        2.1    5.6    5.7        7.9        (51)
Goal Kickers: Matt Collis 3, Jacob Young, Beau Bennett, David Woodcock, James McGee.
Best Players: James McGee, Corey Murphy, Beau Bennett, Matt Van Engen, Josh Young, Shaun Gray.

Our Under 18’s suffered a heavy defeat but it is almost impossible to fault their attitude, efforts and the coach is always so upbeat it is a credit to them all.  Bring on a win.
Scores Lindisfarne   4.7    4.1    7.16    9.19  (73)
Hobart          0.0    0.4    0.6      0.7   (7)
Best Players: Samuel Clark, Jaydon Aram, Zane Awde, Isaak Hovington, Ty Nichols, Jake Hay.
Master Rules Report
The Hobart Pigskin Warriors entered the TCA arena on Saturday night against the newly fledged DOSA Roosters. The young Roosters were quick out of the blocks and proved to be dominant running the ball forward. By the first siren it was evident the Roosters were a class above the Pigskins. It proved to be long, tough night, the Pigskins on this occasion were well and truly roasted. We will not mention the score here.
The next hit out for the Hobart Pigskin Warriors will be at home on the TCA against the Lindisfarne Blues on June 11th at high noon. This encounter will see a match between two teams with a similar age demographic, come along to view some entertaining football.
Did You Know that Hobart have a girls’ team in the junior roster and games are played at the TCA on Friday nights?  If you have a daughter who would is aged between 10 and 12 and they would love to try football please call Phil Geason on 0411 454 315.
Tomorrow NIGHT IN THE DEN commencing at 7.00pm is the quiz night ($12.50) per head so make up a table and get along you will enjoy.