Tiger Talk – 5 August 2016


Miller-Midson Trophy, GI Cancer Fundraiser

In the Seniors match tomorrow, Hobart will play Lindisfarne for the annual “Miller-Midson Trophy”.  This is sure to be a fierce contest, carried out in front of a crowd of ex Lindisfarne, Risdon Vale and Hobart footballers who are holding a reunion function on the day.

As well as the trophy, today’s match serves as a fundraiser for the GI (gastro intestinal) Cancer Institute in memory of Mick Miller, dad of Lindisfarne player Kase Miller and member Celeste Miller, who passed away at only 62 in February 2015 after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer 3 months earlier.  Mick was a dedicated Lindisfarne supporter, never missing a game and in his honour the best player on the ground will be awarded “The Prancing Deer Award” – Mick’s unique nickname when he played.  Last year, this match raised almost $10,000 for the GI Cancer Institute after the strong support shown from the Hobart and Lindisfarne Football Clubs.

All funds raised will go towards finding better treatments for people living with GI cancer, through the GI Cancer Institute’s clinical trials. GI cancer affects the oesophagus, liver, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas and bowel. Over 24,000 Australians are affected by GI cancer every year and 33 Australians die from it every day.


There really is so much more to our great game than 100 minutes of game on each Saturday throughout winter.  There is the opportunity to help a mate, support a needy group, make new friends and to meet others from all walks of life.  Well it was New Norfolk Football Clubs week to share and what a great job they did.  We being players, board, supporters and old players were invited to a no cost luncheon to reminisce the glory days and share the premierships they have enjoyed.  The club really displayed the mateship and so many of the reasons we all love our football club and we thank them for their efforts.


Adding to the atmosphere at the game was a live broadcast through our partners Edge Radio 99.3FM and hosted by Joshua Munting, David Charlesworth and Alex Fitzgerald with a terrific coverage of the game delivered to listeners. Today’s game will again be broadcast on EDGE RADIO 99.3FM, so make sure to tune in.


By the time we left the New Norfolk Sports Club and ventured across to the oval our under 18’s had suffered a forty point defeat which wasn’t the on field start we had hoped for.  A couple of standout efforts were noticed and they came from Trey Ramritu and Jayden Marshall.

The reserves were up and about from the first bounce and looked determined to win a spot in the finals  but a gallant New Norfolk group were not about to let that happen. Quarter time saw the Eagles in front by 1 point and half time the Tigers by 7.  The lead changed several times in the third quarter quarter with New Norfolk going to the final break leading by 7 points. The final term was a battle royale with the Tigers kicking 4.1 to 2.3 giving the Tigers a 3 point win.  This was an outstanding effort with Sammy Godfrey and Mitchell Bird showing some absolute brilliance throughout the game.

The seniors took over from the reserves and came out like a side possessed. Within the first minute the Tigers had put a major on the board and really looked the goods. In the back of my mind was a big ground, we have trained on the TCA once in five weeks and will probably be leg weary as the game goes on. My thoughts seemed to be playing out as at quarter time we were ten points in front but by half time this had become a three point deficit. The half time break saw a rousing speech from the coach and yes we were up and running again. Our third quarter set us up for a real tilt at winning this game as we scored 5.3 to 2.3 giving the Tigers a 15 point buffer heading in to the final term. This quarter was a heart stopper as the play see sawed from on attack to the other with both defences being on top. Sammy Reeves into the ruck and we seemed to be hanging on but unable to deliver the final blow.  New Norfolk continued attacking but the defence stood tall and as the final siren sounded there was many a Tiger supporter ecstatic with the result.

Under 18’s
New Norfolk    1.0    4.6    7.11    7.13  (55)
Hobart                0.1    1.1    1.1     2.1    (13)
Goal Scorers:  Trey Ramritu,  Lachlan Berry
Best Players:  Jayden Marshall, Lachlan  Berry, Jaydon Aram, James Granfield, Harry Philpott, Isaac Hovington.

New Norfolk  2.3    3.4    6.8    8.11  (59)
Hobart             2.2    4.5    5.7    9.8  (62)
Goal Scorers: Dean Jetson 2, Josh Webster 2, Cody Mrzyk 2, Adam Henderson, Sam Godfrey.
Best Players:  Sam Godfrey, Beau Bennett , Mitchell Bird , Danny Bennett, Josh Young , Dean Jetson

New Norfolk  2.5    4.9    6.12    7.14   (56)
Hobart             4.3    4.6    9.9     9.12  (66)
Goal Scorers: Luke Sullivan 3 , Brydon Goninon 3 , Sam Reeves 2 , Mark Nicholls 2 .
Best Players:  Stuart Paterson , Luke Sullivan , Jacob Campbell , Michael  Woods , Marcus Fitze, Brenton Allie.