Tiger Talk – Why I support Hobart (A Supporter Abroad)


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WHY I SUPPORT HOBART! (A Supporter Abroad)
This weeks newsletter is one with a point of difference.  I often wonder why we have distant supporters and members so took the opportunity to ask Dr Ken Marshall of Cheshire UK. why he is a player sponsor and club member and the answer is there for all to enjoy.

My family emigrated to Claremont from the UK arriving in Tassie in early 1952.My Dad took me to North Hobart Oval in season 1954 aged 7 to watch Hobart v New Town.New Town were coached by Jack Rough and Hobart Bill Williams.I was fascinated by the programme which featured players numbers,heights and weights (as a child I was stastistics mad).For some unknown reason the black guernsey with the gold stripe stood out for me.My early favourites were Big Bill Williams,Trevor Leo and Digger Golding.Claremont was Magpie country,a lad called Roger Steadman was the only other Hobart supporter at Claremont Primary School,I liked being in the minority.

I listened to the 1954 Grand Final (Bill Atwell commentator 7HO) at our under construction home and happily Hobart reigned supreme.I kept an album of The Mercury football articles and pictures (sadly lost in transit by my parents) but by 1956 work on our home was completed so with both my parents followed Hobart home and away.We rarely missed a game for the next eight seasons.I luckily attended the three successful Grand Finals of 1958,59 and 63.The names still roll off the tongue with Powell,Pascoe and Payne obviously the stars.The club always managed to field a strong first eighteen the club providing many regular TFL representatives (eg.Appleton,Sullivan,Cole,Legro,Byers) the reserves lacked depth and took some real hidings over this period but they were an integral part of our club success as they provided players to adequately cover injuries and contributed to the spirit of the club.At half-time I always went in to our dressing room under the main stand at North Hobart Oval to listen to the Pascoe speech,joining the same thirty or forty faces week in and week out.The 1963 finals series will remain my Hobart FC favourite memory winning all three games against the odds.Scoring thirteen points in time added on against New Norfolk and leading Sandy Bay all afternoon to tactically conquer them in the Grand Final.

I left Tassie in 1965 to study medicine at Monash Uni (saw Richmond win the 1967 and 69 flags).I remember the sports desk in September 1966 giving the false result that Glenorchy had beaten Hobart by a point in the 1966 Grand Final,I was a bit gutted so rang home for the post mortem to receive the good news that in fact we had won by a point!!! I was in Tassie in 1974 and went to a few games when off duty at Royal Hobart Hospital,we had a decent side but for some unknown reason finished fifth and the team failed to click.I lost complete touch with the club on returning to the UK in 1975.I retired from General Practice in 2006 bought a computer and set about researching Tassie football in my lost years.In 2009 on our return to the TSL I contacted Mrs Sue Walker and Mrs Pam Pentecost to become a member.They sent me some magazines about the club and Pam kept in touch for 3 or 4 years.I followed the saga of Hobart’s decision not to amalgamate with North Hobart on the Big Footy website and Mercury online.I am sorry we are in the SFL but delighted we have kept our Tiger identity.I sense the club is rebuilding in a more stable environment and future success can only come with hard graft.

Have you got a unique or interesting story as to why you support Hobart? email pmunting@hotmail.com or talk to Paul on 0427 256 340!